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Where the mess is left with us. 

A clean, quite and affordable decision.

-Our flying pig professional dog pet stainless steel bathtubs is designed to handle the toughest of job! Our tub size, features, and accessories make bathing an easier, timesaving affair. Tub is made of rust resistant 16-gauge stainless steel. Back-splash and side-splashes. Feature waterproof seals when in use. Features two-piece, removable floor grate, can be adjusted to higher and lower levels to accommodate both large and small dogs. Door is easy to open and securely locks closed, features watertight seals to keep water inside the tub. Also a handy in & out ramp for larger Dogs. Can Hold up to 180LB Dogs.

Why choose us?
-It makes bathing your Dog easier & more enjoyable.
-Keep the mess with us! Keep your Bathroom & Home clean.
-Reduces back pain on you.
-Choose from our high end Shampoo's & Conditioners.
-Join our Loyalty Program for future FREE washes.
-Additional A-La Carte products including Odor Eliminator and Flea & Tick Shampoos.
-We set you up with your chosen products and go over a few simple instructions before you start.

30 Minutes in Self Washing Station (Per Dog) - $19.95 (Any Size up to 180Lbs & Coat) $15.00 For Each Additional Dog you bring during your visit. $15.00 for an additional 30 Minutes if you need more time with one or two dogs. Price Includes: Up to 30 Minutes in station, Doggy or Puppy Shampoo, Aprons for Humans, Brushes, Scrubbies, Drying Towels & High Velocity Pet Dryer. A La Carte Items With Self Service Bath: Flea & Tick Shampoo - $6.00 Per Dog De-Skunking Shampoo - $6.00 Per Dog We strive to create a safe & enjoyable Washing and Shopping experience for you and your pets. If your pet is excitable or anxious with baths, please bring another person to help you. We understand not all dogs are comfortable or able to utilize the self wash due to distractions, anxiety or forced situations. Please consult a WaggMore team member if you have any concerns. All pets must be tied on a leash or to a tether in our tubs at all times. You are responsible for your dog(s) behavior. Make Sure to Ask & Join Our Dirty Dog Loyalty Program! FREE WASH FOR EVERY 6 WASHES PURCHASED. (Excludes A La Carte Items)

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