Our Patent-pending Pup Soap treats your doggy right, with fur-scrubbing, finger-like projections on the underside and a unique "dog-bone" shape that's easy-to-grip! Our Pup Soap formulation is extra-mild and all natural, with soothing castor oil and vitamin E - which are also the best for a shiny, healthy coat - because all puppies have sensitive skin. Plus, each ample bar of our Pup Soap comes with essential oils, like Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, that provide all-natural anti-flea and anti-tick protection.

In short, our Pup Soap is the last (and the first) all-natural massaging doggy shampoo bar you'll ever need!


Please Select Either Tea Tree or Eucalyptus



Pup Soap - All-Natural Massaging Doggy Shampoo Bar with Essential Oils (6.2 oz.)

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